Maquina de Pasteles & Alcapurrias

Guayadora de Verduras, Sofrito, Frutas, Vegetales, Coco, Queso Seco y Pilar Cafe

What to expect once you submit your order:

1. Order is received and processed.

2. We print the shipping label (PayPal will send you an email with the subject "Your package is on its way" which includes the Tracking Number.  PLEASE NOTE: we just printed the shipping label; your item has not been shipped.)

3. Once the shipping label is printed we send the order to the Warehouse.

4. When your machine is ready for shipping then we coordinate with the shipping company for shipment.

About Us

Estamos en Puerto Rico pero no todas las maquinas se hacen en Puerto Rico.

Call toll-free: 1-866-GUAYADORA (482-9236)

Call, Text or WhatsApp: 939-216-3243

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